Deliver an Enterprise Personal Cloud Service to your employees with confidence

Host Ventura can provide your organization with an Enterprise Personal Cloud Service featuring all the functionalities of commercial personal cloud solutions, but with enterprise control. Host Ventura’s Personal Cloud Service guarantees users a new level of flexibility, user satisfaction and productivity while leveraging the strengths of the devices used on a daily basis.

Businesses are looking for solutions that take down costs and technology barriers and shift the focus to delivering services to employees that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, using the applications they need on devices they prefer. Organizations expect IT to give them a competitive advantage while ensuring high employee productivity.


Commercial solutions like Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox are great for individuals, however they pose a risk for IT security - sensitive company data can be uploaded without authorization and potentially subject to hacking, random viewing by a family member, or otherwise exposed.


Built upon the foundation of VMware vSphere, Host Ventura delivers a portfolio of technologies that help your organization empower a more agile, productive and connected enterprise.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop Utilizing the latest version of VMware View, your employees benefit from a desktop accessible from anywhere and any device, delivering the best user experience.


Cloud Broker Host Ventura is one of the first in Europe to deliver applications and virtual desktops from a single unified catalogue using VMware Horizon Application Manager. The Cloud Broker solution offers a consistent end-user experience and Single Sign-On (SSO) across all devices to access public and private cloud applications while providing federated identity. 


Cloud Data Host Ventura continue their investment into extending their portfolio with an enterprise personal data cloud powered by VMware Project Octopus. It enables you to provide your employees with an easy and secure way to share data and collaborate with anyone from any device. This service provides the ability for IT administrators to manage usage and set policies for data access and sharing within your organization or with external contributors.


Key Benefits 
Reduce hardware expenses and scale costs based on monthly demand
Enable employees to work anywhere, anytime and from any device
Enhance security, business continuity, data protection and recovery
Minimize operations integration time
Improve user experience and allow your employees to work more efficiently
Simplify and speed up your migration to Windows 7
Ease implementation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy


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Migrate to Windows 7

Managing multiple desktops in a fast-paced business environment can be a hassle. Companies are increasingly relying on employee desktops and laptops to perform their day-to-day tasks and Bring-Your-Own-Device policies further expand the reliance on personalized units to complete work assignments. As a result individual devices need to be patched and updated accordingly in order to ensure continued performance and support. This puts a tremendous strain on IT departments as resources for desktop/laptop management soar in terms of staff and expenses. Running on older and multiple versions of Windows, particularly Windows XP, poses additional business and IT risks.


The Risks

  • Necessity Windows XP extended support is scheduled to end no later than April, 2014. Companies that have not begun migration consultations are at risk of falling behind
  • Operations Running on Windows XP leaves an enterprise two/three generations behind current OS standards depriving business operations of increased efficiency, additional functionalities and new capabilities
  • Resources Research and studies show that the older a PC gets the higher the resources needed for it to be kept operational
  • Security Companies still using Windows XP experience higher IT security risks, as well as difficulties providing continued technical support for older PCs (Windows 7 experiences 20% less malware and virus attacks)
  • Compliance The end of extended Windows XP support means that companies will no longer be able to satisfy compliance requirements such as regular patching


The Solution: Standardize and Virtualize

Migrating away from Windows XP is a must for businesses and can be a difficult challenge to tackle. However, having to migrate to Windows 7 presents companies with a unique opportunity not only to upgrade to a better OS but to increase efficiency and save on cost by virtualizing the desktop environment with VMware View.

The combined benefits of running operations on standardized Windows 7 across devices and virtualizing the desktop environment ensure a worthwhile investment that realizes lower long term costs, increased security, improved employee productivity and smoother IT operations.

Deploying a market-leading desktop virtualization software like VMware View ensures fast and seamless migration to Windows 7 and a strategic business advantage.


Why virtualize Windows 7 with VMware View

Immediate deployment benefits Migrate twice as quickly, with decreased costs and less complexity. VMware makes it possible to seamlessly migrate your custom applications and programs

PC Lifecycle Improvements Makes future migrations cheaper, faster and easily manageable. Isolated applications provides for reduced risks of conflicts

Reduced OPEX and the ability to manage costs to your advantage

Increased output from existing resources

Improved operational agility and flexibility

Long-term advantage for upcoming IT roll outs

Reduced risks and seamless compliance

Improved efficiency of desktop IT staff

Improved levels of service and faster end user support

Secure access to data and IP

Ability to work securely and effectively, remotely and via mobile devices

One standardized and seamless user experience everywhere  

Flexibility to satisfy the needs of your organization and ensure business continuity



Streamline your business operations while cutting costs with VDI by Host Ventura

VDI for SMERunning your IT on VDI offers you the following savings:

IT staff

  • Decrease help desk call volume and reduce the number of local IT support staff
  • Re-assign your desktop support analysts to strategic IT projects


  • Track application usage and provide just as many application licenses as need to be used


  • Less hardware means lower energy costs


  • Longer lifespan for Virtual Desktops compared to traditional PCs by at least 4 years 


 VDI for the Small and Medium Enterprises delivers: 


- No data stored on local devices - data is securely placed on dedicated servers in Data Centers

- Centralized protection from malwares, viruses and DLL conflicts ensures that your desktops work effectively

Updates and patching:

- Latest technologies in our Data Centers ensure you have the most up-to-date software and application versions

- No need to worry about additional IT investments

- Centrally managed patching


- Maximum storage performance by providing consistently fast response times and delivering outstanding I/O productivity


- Our VDI solutions bring access to your workspace anytime, from any choice of device and across a variety of operating systems


- Your desktops are centrally managed

- No need to physically visit any individual PC - desktops can be easily configured remotely

Going green:

- Gain competitive advantage by “greening” your business and yet retaining profitability

- Our solutions significantly reduce your IT energy consumption


- Add quickly new users with specific rights and application access in terms of new hires for a project or acquisition

User experience:

- VDI configuration is set after feedback from a random sample to define user experience


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Jump into the future of multi-user collaboration and networking

When advances in virtualization made VDI economically feasible Host Ventura’s engineers immediately realized its great potential for enhancing the work of educational organizations. The ability to provide centralized management for multiple virtual desktops, while enhancing end-user productivity and collaboration make VDI a perfect long-term solution for schools of any size.


VDI by Host Ventura enables your organization to:


VDI Edu- Provide end users with access to their virtual desktop image from anywhere and any device

Integrate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to further enhance mobility

Offer faculty and staff consistent and fully personalized virtual desktops

- Create virtual labs and training rooms

- Improve overall browsing experience and high-definition multimedia support across locations and devices

- Acquire Microsoft licenses for Education at a fixed cost counting faculty and staff full-time equivalent (FTE) once per year. Students as well as staff and teachers added during the year can use the acquired licenses free of charge

- Save money from the extended PC refresh cycles - you can either replace the old PCs with thin-clients or re-purpose your old PCs by using them to access the virtual desktops

- Cut desktop management and support costs. Our VDI solutions allow you to deploy, update and patch all virtual desktops in minutes, reducing profile-related help desk calls and increasing user productivity


Key Benefits
Enhanced teachers', students' and staff productivity, mobility and flexibility Long-term reduction in OPEX and significant reduction in CAPEX
Greater transparency of associated costs within ICT Better protection for sensitive data
Secure desktop environment using controlled access to desktops High availability of systems with support outside of office hours


Get VDI for you faculty and students and catalyze productivity and creative collaboration!

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