Reduce risks and minimize business and reputational damages in an intelligent and cost-efficient way

Technology can significantly reduce data loss risks and benefit your business!


Most businesses today manage more data than ever before via email, spreadsheet/word-processing, accounting and payroll software. Losing business records or experiencing downtime without access to vital customer and invoicing information poses a risk of total business failure.


Investing in Backup and Disaster recovery planning not only prevents you from going out of business, but also reduces the risk of liabilities and penalties associated with regulatory compliance. In addition, as you automate more processes within your business, data and information management become more efficient.



Backup and Disaster Recovery Overview


Buy yourself peace of mind with Host Ventura’s Managed BaaS and RaaS!

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Be smart! Backup!

Veeam Backup & ReplicationWhether a part of an overall BC & DR strategy or a stand-alone solution, having a Backup plan is indispensable for any business. Host Ventura offers fast and reliable Backup service at affordable rates.


Our Managed Backup solution enables you to simply and securely store all critical data while spending less capital and administrative resources dealing with a Backup System. Built upon the infrastructure of Veeam’s Backup & Replication, Host Ventura’s Managed Backup Solution provides fast, flexible and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.


You can choose between having your information stored locally, hosted securely at our Data Centers, or kept according to a predefined combination of both.


Our Managed Backup solution is built on a foundation of capabilities that organizations need most:


Key Features: Key Benefits:
No agents for you to license, deploy, manage or monitor on hosts or Virtual Machines                                           Acquiring predictable costs for your Backup operations
Image-based Backup and replication in a single unified  solution Diminishing risk and improving stability
Fast Backup and Replication with any data storage solution, regardless of provider                                         Relying on guaranteed performance with SLA
Replication, Deduplication, Centralized Management and Scalability Enhancing Backup and Recovery performance significantly                                                                 
Recovering individual objects from any virtualized application without application-specific agents or special Backups Gaining access to special expertise
Automatic verification of the recoverability of every Backup, every time Business Continuity ready 
Running a Virtual Machine from any restore point in a sandbox for testing or troubleshooting Focusing on the core business                               


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Over 60% of businesses don’t have BC & DR plans in place; the rest are one step ahead! Disaster Recovery


At Host Ventura we can provide you with secure, certified premises and equipment for your contingency plans, and that automatically puts you ahead of the competition! Your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plan needs to present or be a part of a detailed strategy that contains and outlines specific processes and action plans in case Disaster Recovery process needs to be triggered. We can help you define your BC & DR policy.


Whether you need a comprehensive Business Continuity plan or simply wish to implement an already devised Disaster Recovery plan our experts can deliver a solution that fits.


Host Ventura’s Recovery as a Service portfolio, built on VirtualSharp’s ReliableDR platform, features fully automated DR testing without any human intervention and without any software or agents running on production systems. In the event of a disaster, customers have the ability to failover applications and IT Services at the push of a button. This enables the automated enforcement of Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), and the measurement and tracking of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).


Key Benefits:

Decreased Costs

Instant VM Recovery

Reduced RTO
Rapid, granular scalability
Simplified replication and deployment               
Reporting and visibility
Business Continuity

















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